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New Life for Out Parcel with 2 New Offerings

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)
New Pet Supermarket location on Hwy 5
New Pet Supermarket location on Hwy 5

In its prime this small out parcel in the Market Square Shopping Center off Hwy 5 saw the now gone Blockbuster Video and Ruby Tuesday. Ruby Tuesday left Douglasville some years ago, with The Douglasville Diner filling the void. It too went under in late 2012. A year ago, this building stood nearly vacant with only Subway its lone holdout. But 2 new offerings have given life to a strip of shopping center that this time last year looked empty and depressed. Yesterday, the opening of Pet Supermarket in the old Blockbuster site completed the revival of this building that began last summer when Smile Douglasville Dental Associates renovated and moved into the former Ruby Tuesday site. Pet Supermarket is the newest place pet owners in Douglasville can pamper their pets.

Smile Douglasville Dental Associates new location opened last Summer.
Smile Douglasville Dental Associates new location opened last fall. 

Smile Douglasville Dental Associates opened this past October to much fanfare. Gone was the bar seating and kitchen appliances of old, in was the new waiting area, new rooms for patients and new associates to serve the oral hygiene needs of our community. While some of us will long for the day we can rent videos on tape (long gone!), and enjoy those burger sliders Ruby was famous for, Our newest offerings will hopefully be around to serve Douglasville for years to come. It also gives hope and paves the way for other shopping centers in the city that need a boost and teaches all of us to never count a place out.

Pet Supermarket corporate site: Click Here

Smile Douglasville Dental Associates site: Click Here





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