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RadioShack and Body Central closing at Arbor Place

One of Arbor Place's original tenants
One of Arbor Place’s original tenants RadioShack

As we wrote earlier this month, malls have stores that open to fanfare and sadly ones that close. It is the nature of the business. No mall from the bustling to the dying is exempt from abrupt closures. Today we can report 2 closures at Arbor Place, stores that nationally are struggling to stay a float in a changing business world and new consumer habits. RadioShack opened with the mall in 1999. It has sat on the lower end of the Dillards wing of the mall surviving the first of a major company downsizing that took place about 10 years ago that also saw the closing of Douglasville’s other location on Hospital Dr next to Kroger. Sadly as more and more locations close their doors around the country, the location at Arbor Place is now a part of that downsizing. As of today, the store is on clearance and ready to close. No word on any replacement store to fill void from mall management.

Body Central now gone at Arbor Place
Body Central now gone at Arbor Place

Body Central clothing and accessories store is also another chain that has seen locations here and across the south close in the last few years. While not originally at the mall at opening, Body Central did arrive and added another fine location for clothing and accessories on the lower floor near Macy’s. Unlike RadioShack, Body Central closed almost without notice and left swiftly. This closing causes a rather sizable vacancy on the lower level of the mall. Mum is management about a possible replacement store, however the possibilities with this particular location are rather large. As mentioned by others, Arbor Place has had a better success than most malls so far of filling vacant storefronts both large and small over the past few years. In the past when major abrupt closings have happened, exciting replacements have come along to fill the void. Ulta Beauty, Books A Million! and H&M come to mind. Other smaller independent stores have made their home at Arbor Place too. As soon as we get word of a replacement, we will let you know here.

Thanks to our tipster Jasmine Jones for letting us know of the closings.



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