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Tractor Supply Now Open on Fairburn Rd

The New Douglasville Tractor Supply location.
The New Douglasville Tractor Supply location.

The intersection of Fairburn Rd and Lee Rd has gone through some cosmetic changes over the last 15 years. Paradise Crossing which houses Publix and other stores and eateries opened in 1999 and gave residents of SE Douglas County a new place to grab that extra gallon of milk before heading home to many of the new housing developments that have sprung up on Fairburn Rd, Lee Rd and Riverside Pkwy. Zaxby’s and other places soon followed. A few years ago, before the recession took a toll on the construction industry, land was cleared for a new development on the western side of the intersection. Many speculated as to what it could be as no retailer actually confirmed they were building in the plot being cleared. Walgreens opened with space for many more developments to open behind it. But as 2008 and 2009 rolled in, many developments were put on hold because of the recession and subsequent housing market crash and the figurative brakes being slammed on development in SE Douglas County. All the empty land and out parcels were waiting for was a retailer that was willing to take the leap. In 2014, we found out that retailer would be Tractor Supply Co. and on Friday they opened their doors as Douglas County’s newest retailer. Home to many things outdoors, farming and landscaping, residents now have a glimmer of hope that what was once imagined to be the next spot for development to rival that of the Arbor Place Area and Hiram in Paulding County will soon become reality. As of today, we have heard of no other retailer wanting to build there, but as soon as we do we will report it here. For now, Welcome to Douglas County Tractor Supply Co.



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