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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors, What Will They Build Next?

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

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Well the rumors sure have fired off lately about what is being built next to Aldi. As you can tell by the property next to Aldi there is plenty of room for something at this location. A cut through road was just built to the right of Aldi which could connect potential outparcel spaces and development. A few months ago we were told about a number of prospective restaurants looking at the area. Again we are not able to 100% confirm these restaurants are set on the area. Both Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings have been at the top of the discussion list. About a year ago before Aldi was built the rumor of a Logan’s Roadhouse was floating around.

In looking over several of the requirements for Buffalo Wild Wings it would seem that Carrollton offers what their Real Estate team is looking for. Under the available market areas on their website, Oxford-Anniston is mentioned as one of these markets. However Carrollton is not on this list. You are more than welcome to look at the requirements for this particular branded restaurant to see for yourself on what they look for in a market. Just click here. Only time will tell about what happens with this property next to the Aldi which is expected to open in April. Again The Carrollton Menu can NOT confirm that any of these restaurants are specifically coming to Carrollton. We have made all proper phone calls and sent emails inquiring. We expect to learn more in the coming days as we wait for these to be returned. You can count on us to bring you this information when we have it!