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A New Direction On The Horizon For Mitchell’s Home Accents & Gifts


As Mitchell’s Home Accents & Gifts looks forward to celebrating their 15th anniversary on March 11th, their location off Newnan Street is now for sale by Realtor, Paula Waters. In speaking with Donna Mitchell, the owner of Mitchell’s Home Accents & Gifts it became clear to me that she has a passion for people and her business. Over the last 3 years Donna has been a huge supporter of The Carrollton Menu and the community. Everything from Garden Clubs, Civic Organizations, to Church functions her doors are always open. Thinking back to before Christmas my only Grandmother Mimi came down to visit, Donna Mitchell gave my grandmother food and lots of coffee. She even stopped what she was doing for 30 minutes and just talked. My grandmother still talks about that day every-time I speak to her. The impression is always lasting. The store is very well put together with multiple home decor items and a wide selection of gifts. It is Donna’s hope that she might find a smaller space somewhere else and downsize the shop. Donna Mitchell and Kristin Malone tell us that the building could sell rather quickly or it could be quite sometime. The shop will remain OPEN until the building sells. However Mitchell’s Home Accents and Gifts will have a few months to stay open after a potential buyer receives the building. Don’t worry Donna Mitchell will still be doing her famous decorating and keeping all appointments. The whole team at Mitchell’s Home Accents and Gifts is optimistic about the future and their business! We support them fully.

Note from Donna Mitchell about their 15th Anniversary 

Please join us on Saturday March 21st as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary. And celebrate we shall! Door prizes and special pricing throughout . As most of you know, my husband Kim and I, have our shop/house for sale. Should it sell, we look prayerfully ahead at the next chapter of our life. This place has been a wonderful blessing to us and I hope it has been for you.
The thought of not being at Mitchells everyday causes such mixed emotions. While I’m excited to continue this wonderful journey, my thoughts are wanting this safe place to always be here.We have such a wonderful ministry here at Mitchells . The time spent here is a life lesson. We have learned so much about the beauty of being a woman and how God can use us in the smallest of ways. I’ve gained a daughter here in Kristin Malone, she is so much more than my assistant. I’ve seen girls that work here become wonderful, strong women and boys grow into men. These “kids” are such a blessing to me. When they come “home” and share of the things happening in their lives , I am blessed. Blessed because God allowed me to be a part in some small way. We are a family here . I treasure the friendships that have come from owning this shop. I would never have known you if not for Mitchells. My life is better for knowing you. I’m so thankful you have allowed us to work with you all in your homes. I plan to continue . There is a song that says “I’m a winner either way, if I go or if I stay” that’s speaking of heaven. I feel the same way about selling this shop. If it sells we will begin the next chapter, if it doesn’t we will stay here and carry on. I’m a winner either way! Much love to you all and please stop in to see us for all your florals, gifts , fabrics and home decor. The coffee is on!

Donna Mitchell


Make a Stuffed Rabbit at Mitchell’s! Details Coming Soon!

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