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Carrollton Greenbelt Phase 13 B Under Construction Soon


The Carrollton Greenbelt is currently accepting bids for phase 13 B. Phase 13 B will be funded by the city of Carrollton SPLOST dollars as well as friends of the Carrollton Greenbelt donations. Phase 13 B will beging at Roop street and find it’s way through Tanner Health System and Southwire. This particular phase of the greenbelt will end at the walking path on the Southwire property. Erica Studdard of The Carrollton Greenbelt tells the The Carrollton Menu they look to start construction on this phase of the project in mid April after selecting a company to complete the project. Studdard said she was very excited to have the Greenbelt on both the Southwire and Tanner properties because they are the largest employers in our city. This is a great location for the Greenbelt because it’s in a big transportation corridor as well as many jobs nearby. The Greenbelt is currently 11 miles and this particular phase will add a couple of miles to the current total. You can donate to The Carrollton Greenbelt online at carrolltongreenbelt.com

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