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Mexican Restaurant Closes in West Carrollton


Restaurant El Jarocho has closed off 430 Columbia Drive near UWG. We would like to focus on the health scores for this particular story. We were unable to determine this as a factor in the closing but in speaking with the Carroll County Health Department on the phone we were able to get an idea of a rocky health score ride. Their last health score was a 76 according to Carroll County Health Department, They did not have a certified food person on staff, no sanitizing in dish water, supposed to label all open containers, wiping cloths were not properly stored, stained ceiling tiles throughout the facility. The restaurant had several good scores throughout their time open however the last score of 76 is worrisome. In 2008 the restaurant had a 52.  Velox Insurance recently moved to Maple Street from this location as well. We did speak to someone with Velox who told us that many stores have closed from this center off Columbia Drive. Did you eat here? How was it? Comment below.