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Sisters Open Up A Really Neat Upholstery and Home Decor Business


This week we had the opportunity to checkout a really neat and trendy business that opened up on the Northside of Carrollton. After thinking of the best thing to write about the business I decided to let the two sisters come up with something! So you can learn all you want to know about Dolorem Pax Persona below. It gives you a great personable touch on the business. Also please checkout The Carrollton Menu on Instagram for a Video!

What’s in the Name:
Dolorem Pax Persona is a Latin term and is directly translated to English as Dolorem=Pain, Pax=Peace, and Persona=Person or Persona. Not only did I like the look and sound of the Latin term I really liked what I felt it meant to me which is, taking the good with the bad, always being able to find your peace in life when hard times (or “pain”) occur, overcoming adversity, and so on. To me it was a very optimistic meaning and I could get creative with it. As far as it translating to my brand and company, which I see not only as upholstery and home décor but as a lifestyle brand, I think it fits quite well.

How it Started:
Hi, my name is Autumn Emfinger and I am behind Dolorem Pax Persona: Upholstery and Home Décor. Here is my brief story on how it started.

I have always loved furniture and decorating my home. My home is the happiest place for me. As a former employee at a technology company, I traveled almost weekly, so being home was rare but it was something I looked forward to very much. I came across an antique Victorian sofa a few years ago at a yard sale, and as a huge DIYer, I thought I could turn it in to something amazing for my home. So, it began. Quickly into my project I realized it would take a couple of specialty tools to do the job right, so little by little I started investing in the tools and I read a book on upholstery techniques. Once the project was complete I was so proud and so attached to my lovely reclaimed sofa. One post on Facebook later, I began getting numerous calls and requests to do projects for others. I agreed to do them of course but soon had to [sadly] start turning people away because I was too busy with a full-time job that was very demanding in terms of travel.

From that point on, I started to build Dolorem Pax Persona. We opened the doors of the storefront on April 6, 2015.

The Store:
Dolorem Pax Persona is located in Carrollton, GA at the triangle, [2597 Pleasant Hill Rd]. Inside you will find that the store is a collection of old and new; rugs, lighting, reclaimed upholstered furniture, accent furniture and large items alike. We are always getting new pieces in so please visit often. Some things can be reordered as well. For the upholstered side of the house, we offer custom slipcovers, pillows, draperies, headboards, commercial banquets, and much more. For all you designers out there, we will also custom make your designs. We have fabric available but are growing the selection heavily in May, we do recommend the best places to shop for your own fabric based on the project at hand. At dPp we really aim to be consultative and help guide our clients. We also offer pick up and delivery of your furniture to try to make the process even more simple and worry-free.

The Team:
I am looking to grow the dPp team within the next several months with additional experienced upholsterers. I have a Marketing Manager and Design Associate, Taylor, who also happens to be my very creative and talented sister. We are very blessed to be able to work together and we have the best time creating and designing as a team.

I am very excited about the store and working with members of our community. We are very big on supporting local businesses and local artisans and encourage reaching out to partner or collaborate with dPp.

For questions or inquiries please contact us: [email protected] or visit our website www.dolorempaxpersona.com


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