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State Senator Dugan Addresses Central High School Leaders

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


(Carrollton, Ga. – April 14, 2015) State Senator Mike Dugan addressed students participating in the Central High School Pride Leadership Program on April 3, 2015. Students in the Pride Leadership Program meet every Friday morning beginning at 7:15 a.m. to discuss leadership topics and participate in group activities. Senator Dugan talked with students about making good decisions and knowing if the decision was the right choice for those affected. Senator Dugan said “Making decisions means doing what is best for others before doing what is best for you. If you know your decision was made without a selfish thought, then it must be a good decision.” During the question and answer portion of the meeting students questioned Senator Dugan about his time in the military and the difficult decisions he had to make. He pointed out that the toughest decisions were those he made sending men to locations where he could not accompany them. The Pride Leadership Group is a selection of students from across the Central High School who aspire to hold leadership positions in the marching band, athletics, clubs and organizations. Lessons and speakers are coordinated by Athletic Directors Rico Zackery and Wes Shiver.