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Update: Krispy Kreme Or Not?

You know what this is!
You know what this is!

After almost a decade of teasing residents of Douglas County and Douglasville with on again off again rumors of a Krispy Kreme store, there has been a lack of any kind of update one way or the other. Plans were in the works in late 2007 but fell through when the economy turned south in 2008. Rumors surfaced again in early 2013 and in late 2013 the Sentinel ran 2 pieces that seemed to counteract one another, one saying that they were looking but no commitments, the other saying they have no plans. These articles appeared less than a week between each other. This is the article saying they were looking but not moving here. Shortly after, this is the article that stated there were no plans appeared here.

That would normally be the end of it, but alas, residents have been wondering since, and with no word since these two articles appeared, rumors abound filled the void of information. This seems to be the most anticipated store by residents of our city and county, so much so that here at the menu followers and residents have been asking us if we know what the current situation is. It’s been one of the few questions I can count on almost on a weekly basis. So after repeatedly getting requests for info, the Douglasville Menu reached out to Krispy Kreme corporate late last week. This morning, the company finally responded. The response we got was that there was no new information related to a Douglasville store opening at the current time, but always check back with us and ask. So it appears at the moment plans if any ever existed were put on hold, fell through or were just rumors. However it should be noted that just because the answer is no at the current time, doesn’t mean plans can’t or won’t pick up later. We here at the menu will keep on this story since it appears to be one of great interest to the folks of Douglasville and Douglas Co. We will periodically check in with Krispy Kreme to see if any new plans are in the works. When and if a Douglasville Krispy Kreme happens, we will report it. Count on it!

*Credit for articles to the Douglas County Sentinel. 8 Oct 13, and 14 Oct 13.



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