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Provino’s On Chapel Hill to Close Soon

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Story from The Douglasville Menu : Update: While the source we are quoting told us June 14, Father’s Day would be the last day open, Father’s Day falls on June 21. It’s possible we were either told the wrong day, or that the source thought that Father’s Day was June 14. We will try and get clarification from them tomorrow. Keep you posted.

Here at The Douglasville Menu, even the smallest of whispers could lead to a big story. Such is the case of today’s big story. What started as a question on our facebook page lead to a little digging. Today we called Provino’s on Chapel Hill Rd to ask if they are closing in a few weeks and we received confirmation from the team that indeed June 14, Father’s Day, will be the last day open for the Douglasville location. Provino’s on Chapel Hill has been on the corner of the Arbor Place Blvd and Chapel Hill Rd since the shopping center was built shortly after the mall opened in 1999. Asked about the closing and whether they are simply relocating, the answer was a simple closing. While the Italian eatery known for a little more personal experience than your usual chain italian places was always pretty busy during peak hours, our source cited company scaling back operations. The Chain has other locations in Metro Atlanta, and others over the past few years have closed as well. The closing will leave a void in the shopping center that can house another restaurant if one were so inclined to pick that spot. Again, June 14 for Father’s Day will be the last day of operations at Provino’s. The closest location after this one closes will be in Kennesaw. We’ll keep you posted if we get any more information.

And a thank you goes to Facebook follower Sandra Smith for getting the ball rolling on this story!


Story by Joe Z at The Douglasville Menu