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Activity Spotted At Former Value Foods In Ranburne

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)



You might remember the former Value Foods that occupied this spot in Ranburne off 22904 Main Street. Last week we spotted crews putting up a For Lease sign on the building. In a Facebook post from this week, we received more additional information. See below :

“We were just putting up For Lease sign and mowing grass. We do however have a potential lease, all details are still under negotiation. I am just as anxious as everyone to see something happening here, it just takes time. As soon as I have something solid and finalized whether it be this deal or another I promise I will make an announcement.”

These are exciting developments for the area of Ranburne and Bowdon! Any additional information will be brought to you as soon as we get it. Special thanks to Brandy Moore.