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Phone Scam Alert From CharterBank


Phone Scam Alert: If you have received a phone call over the past few hours asking for your check/debit card number and pin and you have provided this information, please call us at 1.800.763.4444 immediately for assistance.

CharterBank’s fraud department will call you if and when we believe suspicious activity may have occurred on your account or has involved your check card. However, we will never ask for your full card number or your pin. The recent phone calls asking for this information are not isolated to CharterBank customers. We ask that you be very cautious should anyone call asking for any of your check card, bank account or personal information. The best practice is to immediately hang up and call your financial institution to inquire about any suspicious phone calls.

**Please remember to NEVER give out your full card number over the phone unless you have initiated the conversation and never give out your pin.


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