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Update: Ollie’s Douglasville Location On Hold…For Now

Douglasville's newest Retailer, Ollies Bargain Outlet.
Ollie’s Douglasville Location plans have been put on hold.


Back in April we broke the story that Ollie’s Bargain Outlet will be setting up shop here in Douglasville. After a few months of not hearing any movement, we decided to check out what was going on and see if any progress was being made. Upon our inspection of the jobs listings, after 2 months of having several positions they were looking for in Douglasville, all have since been scrubbed from the Ollie’s career website. We reached out to corporate to see if the plans were cancelled, on hold, or if the positions had been filled. Yesterday we got our answer. According to Ollie’s corporate…”At this time, plans for our Douglasville location have been placed on hold for the moment. We are always seeking out new locations and expansions to reach more people.” As of now, Ollie’s has placed the plans for Douglasville on hold and would not give me an answer as to whether it’s a temporary setback or perhaps they reconsidered. Meanwhile as Ollie’s has put the brakes on the Douglasville Plans, Bargain Hunt Superstores which is in direct competition with Ollie’s has staked its flag in Douglasville’s retail market and will be soon opening in the former Office Depot space at Market Square on Hwy 5. No indication on when they will be opening, but signs have been placed, positions are being hired for and plans are moving ahead. At this time, we are not sure if the two are related to each other. We will stay on top of Ollie’s and keep an eye out for future plans should they move ahead.



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