Home Closings Local Beulah BBQ Place Closes Store, Food Truck Remains.

Local Beulah BBQ Place Closes Store, Food Truck Remains.

The new Cozy Floyds BBQ location off Hwy 78.
The now former Cozy Floyds BBQ in the Beulah Community

Update 4:25pm: We got word from a Facebook follower that the food truck they owned is still operational. Thank You to follower Daniel Hyneman!

We got late word over the weekend about a BBQ place we reported on when it opened in March, sadly shutting its doors. Cozy Floyds BBQ had a great looking menu with plenty of variety. This was located in the Exxon strip off US 78 and Burnt Hickory Rd in the Beulah community in East Douglas Co. The place has moved out the furniture and tables, and according to their neighbor the Exxon, they left without warning or notice. We always hate it when a local place closes its doors. Hopefully the spot will be filled with something else for that community, which really lacks options any food options. We’ll keep you posted on any listings for this spot in the future.

Thanks to Tami Acree for the heads up this weekend.