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What’s New, What’s Gone: Summer Arbor Place Update

Bijuju, Arbor Place's Newest retailer
Bijuju, Arbor Place’s Newest retailer

Since our last update in May, things have been a little on the slow side this summer at Arbor Place. That’s not to say that there haven’t been a few moves for good and for bad. It’s time for the summer edition of our Arbor Place update!

What’s New: As mentioned, the new offerings at Arbor Place have been slim for a variety of reasons. One of which being the high occupancy rate and relatively low space for new offerings. Out of 140 stores and Kiosks available at Arbor Place, only 4 are now vacant and the spaces are quite small. Arbor Place’s occupancy rate is now north of 97%, a rate better than all except Mall of Georgia in Metro Atlanta. But none the less, We have a new addition to the lineup with Bijuju. We reported on the retailer opening at Arbor Place way back in March. After a lengthy construction process, the retailer opened up recently and are now celebrating their grand opening. As mentioned in our original story this is Bijuju’s first store in Georgia with plans to open at Town Center at Cobb and Mall of Georgia in the coming year. Bijuju offers women’s accessories and few clothing items.

Areopostale at Arbor Place showcasing their remodeled space.
Aeropostale at Arbor Place showcasing their remodeled space.

Also new is the new look for an original to the mall. Aeropostale over the last few weeks concluded an interior remodel to their space on the 1st floor. The new look matches other offerings in the Atlanta area, this particular one looking like the new offering at Cumberland Mall. A more condensed counter space, new shelving and sleeker looking store await regular Aeropostale shoppers.

Now gone Vapeworx on the lower floor.
Now gone Vapeworx on the lower floor.

What’s Gone: We do have one closing to report to you, on the lower floor by Macy’s. Vapeworx which specialized in vape and e cigarettes closed its doors back in June. At this time, it is included in one of the 4 vacant spots available for any retailer to take. No word on any other plans for Vapeworx or any other vape store in the mall.

New offering DC connection, next to Sears on the first floor.
New offering DC connection, next to Sears on the first floor.

What’s to Come: We caught this one a few weeks ago and are still puzzled at what it is. There is one new offering that is preparing to open in a spot long been vacant. On the first floor by Sears, the 1000 spot now sports a sign that says DC Connection. At this time, we don’t know what kind of store this new offering will be, nor a timeframe for opening. The sign gives us no indication either. We’ll keep an eye out for any news related to store info.

We will keep an eye out on Douglasville’s retail and shopping powerhouse Arbor Place. When we get word of any new stores opening, or any closing we’ll bring it to you…and we’ll have another update when and if some stores shuffle at Arbor Place.




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