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Update: Where Is The Chapel Hill QT Kitchens??

The Chapel Hill Rd QT Location, one of Douglasville's busiest.
The Chapel Hill Rd QT Location, one of Douglasville’s busiest.

Over the spring we reported speaking to management of the Chapel Hill Rd QT that a new QT kitchens would soon be added to the arguably one of the city’s busiest convenience stores. As a frequent customer to that particular QT I have been keeping an eye out for construction. So far no progress has been made, nor any signs that construction will start anytime soon. After waiting since March for any progress to begin, we finally spoke to management the other day regarding the construction of the new QT Kitchens. Their answer: the project has been delayed for an unknown reason, and corporate has not told them when construction will now start. This is not to say the project won’t happen. The QT plans have all stores in Metro Atlanta upgrading to include the new QT Kitchens, and all other locations in and around Douglas County and Douglasville has the new kitchen feature. The Chapel Hill one will have the feature as well, just not at this time. On a personal note, I love the QT Kitchens feature they have added and will keep an especially close eye on this project and let you know the second the project picks back up.

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