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Set Those Alarm Clocks…School Begins In Douglas County August 5th

The South Douglas/Fairplay School Zones
The South Douglas/Fairplay School Zones ready for new and returning students

Already? Yes really, Summer 2015 is almost officially in the books for youngsters, their parents and school employees. Tax free weekend is upon us for those last minute school supplies (or all of them), and Friday begins the open houses for High Schoolers. Monday greets Open houses and Sneak-a-peeks for Middle and Elementary Schools. All Elementary schools will host their open houses from 4:30pm-6pm, while Middle Schools will host theirs from 5:30pm-7pm. The First Day of School will be Wednesday August 5th. High School times vary so contact your district High School for more information on times for open houses. New rules or any new bell schedules will be discussed at these open houses, or on the first student day.

Are you new to Douglas County? Your child not registered yet? Click here for registration information from Douglas County Schools. The school district site comes with a warning, there may be a last minute rush so get that done ASAP!

Interested in being a Bus Driver for the county? Click here for more info on how to become a driver with the Douglas County School System.

We’re headed into the last weekend of summer for youngsters, make it memorable. Take them to any number of our fine parks across the county, Sweetwater especially. Be together as a family, and don’t forget to set those alarm clocks on Tuesday evening. Hoping all students have a great and successful new school year from The Douglasville Menu!

Check out the District website for the academic calendar, news, parent info and more!




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