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Douglasville Bargain Hunt Is Now Open

The New Bargain Hunt Store at Market Square
The New Bargain Hunt Store at Market Square

Update 8/22: As of this week, Bargain Hunt is now open for your curiousity needs. Take a look today!


Late word this afternoon from the new manager of Douglasville’s newest retailer, they are on track to open in just 2 weeks. We got an email from Todd the new manager of Douglasville’s location that says that Bargain hunt is on schedule to open August 17, and could possibly open earlier if all goes to plan. We brought you this story early in June after Office Depot closed at Market Square on Hwy 5. It seems the property manager already had a retailer ready to go after Office Depot announced back in February they were closing. Bargain Hunt also has locations in Hiram that just recently opened, as well as Kennesaw and Gainesville. Bargain Hunt is a discount store along the lines of Ollie’s (which put their Douglasville location on hold) and Big Lots. We will monitor and keep you informed and let you know if they decide to open early. As with any new retailer or new local business, we at the Menu welcome Bargain Hunt to Douglasville!

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