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Did You Know? City Elections To Be Held Tuesday November 3rd

Candidate for City Council Richard Segal hosting a Meet and Greet for voters in Ward 5.
Candidate for City Council Richard Segal hosting a Meet and Greet for voters in Ward 5.

Our latest in our “Did You Know” series focuses on the civic side of Douglasville. Want a say in how your city is being run, how business is conducted? No better way to do that then to be involved and vote! 2015 brings city elections for Mayor and City Council posts for re-election. The Mayoral race as well as Ward 2 Post 2, Ward 4 and Ward 5 Council seats are on the ballot. Qualifying for candidates runs from August 31st till September 4th. We will bring you a sample ballot with all the candidates for each post once qualifying is over, sometime in mid September. Ward 1, Ward 3 Posts 1 and 2 as well as Ward 2 Post 1 seats will be up for Re-Election in 2017. The General Election will be held Tuesday November 3, with early voting starting October 12.

We want to bring you this information because turnout for city elections is quite low. Why does this concern me you ask? The best way that the citizens in Douglasville have a say in how their government is conducted is to vote and be informed on their choices.

“I don’t know which Ward I live in, so how do I know if my council member is up for re-election or not?” Take a look at the Ward Map for the City of Douglasville to find which one you live in and if your council member is up.

“I’m not registered to vote, and don’t know how to do so”… Got you covered: The GA Secretary of State’s office has an online form to register to vote. Head here to register, or check your registration status: Georgia My Voter Page. At this page, you can register to vote, as well as check your polling locations. *** Important to note: There are residents in the City Limits that have two different places to vote, at this page it will tell you if you are A: one of those residents, B: What both locations you have to vote, in County and State elections and where to vote in City Elections. Registration deadline in Georgia to vote in the city elections or any other elections being held on November 3 is October 5th.

***Writers note: The Douglasville Menu will be impartial to the city elections for any candidate running. As such, we will endorse or promote no candidate for either mayor or any council seat up for election. Our mission is to inform, not to persuade. We will keep you updated on any developments and later in September provide the final ballot for residents to then familiarize yourself with, learn about and make your choice of candidate on November 3.



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