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NOW OPEN : Carrollton Is Ready For COOK-OUT To Open!

Picture by Kevin Bush, Who is COOK-OUT’s #1 Fan

UPDATE : COOK-OUT Opened on the evening of August 14th. They are currently open at 904 South Park Street in Carrollton, GA.

Past Story :

Well the wait is almost over for Carrollton’s new COOK-OUT! For the past year we have been updating you along the way. Can you believe it has been almost 1 year ago that we told you about this amazing restaurant opening? We just got off the phone with the Rome, GA location who tells The Carrollton Menu that COOK-OUT should be ready to open by next Friday the 14th of August! Usually the signs go up on the building about 1 week prior to the opening. We have seen this happen in other cities across the state. This particular COOK-OUT is located off Hwy 27 next to Burger King in Carrollton. You can checkout our previous stories to learn more about this popular restaurant. Click Here.

** Please remember that opening dates can change at a moments notice due to construction factors, production, hiring, etc. This information was passed down to us by the Rome, GA location and is subject to change ** As we get closer to the projected opening we will pass on any new information to you **

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