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Top 10 Life Events That Should Prompt an Estate Plan Review

From Milestone Investment Management LLC:
1.Change in Marital Status: Marriage, Remarriage or Divorce
2.Change of Family Members: Birth Or Adoption of a Child
3.Change in Value of Assets: Substantial Shifts Warrant Review
4.Change of Location: Laws Vary From State to State
5.Change of Beneficiary Status: Death of a Beneficiary Means Review is Needed
6. Changes in the Law: It’s The Advisor’s Responsibility to Keep Track
7. Changes in Work Status: Retirement Requires Estate Plan Review
8. Change of Health Status: Illness or Disability Can Significantly Impact the Plan
9. Changes in Career: Promotions or Job Loss Should Prompt a Review
10. Change in the Number of Dependents: Assets Fluctuate and Changes Should Be Evaluated

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