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2015 MVPA Bankhead Highway Cross-Country Convoy


The Military Vehicle Preservation Association (www.mvpa.org) will be hosting the 2015 MVPA Bankhead Highway Cross-Country Convoy starting on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 in Washington, DC. The Convoy consisting of about 65 military vehicles and traveling at top speeds of 35 mph will be traveling from Washington to San Diego — approximately 3,300 miles — and will take 29 days to complete. The mission of this trip is to retrace the approximate route taken by the US Army in their 1920 Transcontinental Motor Convoy, traveling from Washington to San Diego along the Bankhead Highway. The convoy will be making an historic overnight stop in Villa Rica on Thursday, September 24. Villa Rica was the only City in the State of Georgia where the 1920 Convoy stopped overnight.

In 1920 the US ARMY decided to plan and execute a motor convoy of various military vehicles across the country on the newly-formed Bankhead Highway. This convoy was a follow-on project to the 1919 US Army Transcontinental Motor Convoy — the first-ever Convoy across the US along the Lincoln Highway. The Army was determined to further their understanding of the practicality of motorized transport and its place in the US Army. This Convoy was commanded by Col. John F. Franklin.

In summary, the 1920 route began at the White House, in Washington, DC and ended at Balboa Park, in San Diego, CA — some 3,300 miles and 116 days later. Stay tuned for more details on the 95th Anniversary Convoy to include as many as 120 Historic Military Vehicles. Bankhead Highway History: http://www.americanroads.us/autotrails/bankheadhighway.html

For more information, contact John Hannabach at 770-459-1343 or 404-401-5903 or [email protected].

The convoy is expected to arrive in Villa Rica at about 5:30 pm on September 24th and will have a police escort from the Douglas County line on Bankhead Highway west to the First Baptist Church of Villa Rica, 1483 US 78, Villa Rica, GA 30180. The public is encouraged to line the streets of downtown Villa Rica to offer a patriotic welcome to the convoy. The public is then invited to the Baptist Church to get an up close and personal look at the military vehicles. Tune to 92.5 FM The Bear for complete coverage of the event.

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