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El Rincón Mexicano Now Closed


3.7.16 – Restaurant has Closed


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Just when you thought Maple Street had enough Mexican Restaurants another one is set to open soon at 1027 Maple Street. Last week we noticed the former Greek Corner being transformed into something else. El Rincon Mexicano is set to open very soon in this particular spot. The sign says, “Authentic Mexican Food”. The small shopping street is home to many latino owned businesses that do extremely well. The grocery store just a few doors down is a hidden gem in Carrollton. Each time we stop in the culture greets us with amazement. Everything from the smells to the cuts of meat and delicious food make it seem like you are there. Keep watching this post as we continue to update you on the progress of El Rincon Mexicano. – Translation of El Rincon – “Mexican Corner” -Joaquin David Menjivar