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Glanton­Hindsman Elementary Pre­K Fieldtrip


(Carrollton, Ga. ­ October 23, 2015) On Thursday, October 15th, the Pre­K classes from Glanton­Hindsman Elementary School spent a fun­filled day at Sweetwater Valley Park Pumpkin Patch. The trip came in the middle of a two week study of pumpkins, including the stages in a pumpkin’s life and harvest time. The students in Mrs. Peeples’ class were in awe as they saw for themselves pumpkin plants, colorful pumpkin flowers, and green pumpkins still on the vine. “Look at that purple flower. It’s like the picture in the book. It’s going to turn into a pumpkin”, exclaimed four­year old Alana. It was as if the pages of the books read in class had come to life. Each child was tasked with finding their very own bright orange mini pumpkin, which kept them busy for quite some time. Fun was had by all.

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