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Home Decor and Upholstery Business Moves Into The City Limits


The sisters of Dolorem Pax Persona have moved their trendy business into the City Limits of Carrollton! We covered their business in April of this year when they opened their first location on Pleasant Hill Road just off Bankhead Highway. The move to 102 Somerset Place is finished and the business is NOW OPEN just across the street from Longhorn and the theaters. As you might recall Scottie Jennings, who sold The Furniture House of Carrollton, recently bought Somerset Place to lease! Dolorem Pax Persona is a great fit for this center! If you are interested in leasing a space at Somerset Place click here.

In Their Own Words from an Earlier Story : 

Dolorem Pax Persona is a Latin term and is directly translated to English as Dolorem=Pain, Pax=Peace, and Persona=Person or Persona. Not only did I like the look and sound of the Latin term I really liked what I felt it meant to me which is, taking the good with the bad, always being able to find your peace in life when hard times (or “pain”) occur, overcoming adversity, and so on. To me it was a very optimistic meaning and I could get creative with it. As far as it translating to my brand and company, which I see not only as upholstery and home décor but as a lifestyle brand, I think it fits quite well.