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Election Results: Robinson And Persons Headed For Runoff, City Council Posts Decided

City Hall, where candidates of the November 3rd election hope to be working in 2016.
The 3 City Council posts to work here have been decided, The Mayor’s race will head into a runoff.

As of 9:30pm, the Election results for the city of Douglasville are in. The City Council races have been decided. In Ward 2, Post 2, Incumbent Mark Adams has staved off a challenge from Wilbur T. Purvis to head back to the city council for another term. In Ward 4, newcomer Chris Watts has bested Current Ward 5 councilman Carl Pope to win that seat on the council. Carl Pope’s residence was redrawn in redistricting and moved into Ward 4 from Ward 5. In Ward 5, well known resident Richard Segal easily bested Alice Jackson to take over Carl Pope’s Ward 5 seat on the council.

The Mayor’s race however will head into overtime. Rochelle Robinson came in with the most votes but failed to reach 50%, while Harvey Persons and Terry Miller were neck and neck for the second spot. Ultimately, that second spot will go to Incumbent Mayor Persons who bested Miller by just 46 votes. There may be still provisional ballots left to be counted so the vote tally is unofficial until certified by the Board of Elections on Friday. The Mayoral runoff will be held on December 1st.

Here are the unofficial vote tallies, with 100% of precincts reporting:

Rochelle Robinson: 1293 46.8%
Harvey Persons: 758 27.43%
Terry Miller: 712 25.77%

Ward 2, Post 2:
Mark Adams: 507 74.01%
Wilbur T Purvis: 178 25.99%

Ward 4:
Chris Watts: 560 62.57%
Carl D. Pope: 335 37.43%

Ward 5:
Richard S. Segal: 207 81.5%
Alice Jackson: 47 18.5%

We’ll have reminders for you to head to the polls again on 12/1. Congrats to all the winners tonight!

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