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Clearance Bar Re-Added to Cheeves Street

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


Press Release from City of Villa Rica Facebook Page

ROUND TWO | The infamous 12-foot clearance bar is back in place on West Montgomery Street approaching the Cheeves Street rail grade crossing … but this time with some additional upgrades. The Villa Rica City Manager is also in discussions with state Department of Transportation engineers on another possible solution to prevent large trucks from getting stuck on the Cheeves Street grade crossing. If instead of the clearance bar the City could install over height sensors that could activate the railroad crossing gates at Cheeves Street. The solution could be designed so that the trigger had to be manually reset by law enforcement to raise the gates (though a timer solution might be possible). Food for thought but a lot easier than having trucks shut down the intersection as towing companies work to remove stuck tractor trailers from the rail grade crossing.