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New Villa Rica City Flag Unveiled at Nugget Drop

Villa Rica City Councilwoman Leslie McPherson and Lauren Seals Cramer unveil the winning flag design during the annual New Year’s Eve Gold Nugget Drop event in downtown Villa Rica / photo courtesy of Michael Valentine

Villa Rica has a new city flag. The new fixture within the city was unveiled during the New Year’s Eve annual Nugget Drop event and soon after was flying over Villa Rica’s City Hall, city departments, and municipal parks and cemeteries.

The flag was designed by Lauren Seals Cramer, a recent master’s graduate of Georgia State University, and wife of Jeffrey Cramer. Originally born in Carrollton, Lauren grew up in Villa Rica where she attended Villa Rica High School. Go Wildcats! She is the daughter of Thomas and Tanny East and has two sisters, Hannah and Emily.

Cramer’s design was one of three finalists in a contest launched earlier this year by Mayor J. Collins. “Every great town or city needs a flag,” he said, “and Villa Rica is no exception. The people of Villa Rica deserve a flag.”

Eight individuals competed in the design contest with online voting that narrowed the entries to three. The winning design was then chosen by secret ballot among the Mayor and City Council.

Also recognized at Thursday night’s unveiling were runner-ups Cheryl L. Bell and MacVan Scott. Each were presented with a token of appreciation from the City of Villa Rica. Here is what Lauren Seals Cramer had to say about her thought process in designing the new city flag:

“As a lifelong Villa Rican and proud Wildcat, I am honored to submit my design for the city flag. I knew the flag for our city would not be complete without purple and gold because every Wildcat should feel pride when they see it waving. I created the center of our flag in golden hues to represent our rich history. The men have golden skin to represent that our community is united and expresses togetherness, even though we all have different backgrounds and ethnicities. While both miners are men, one is young and the other is old to represent that there is a place for those of any age in our community. One man stands tall for the strong leadership in our community while the other man hunches over and represents the hardworking citizens that give our city heart. Not only is the wheel representative of gold mining but the constant turning of generation after generation flowing through our beloved town. Thank you for considering my art for our city flag!”

Original version of artwork submitted to the City of Villa Rica by Lauren Seals Cramer


Press Release from –

David A. Milliron, Villa Rica City Manager

571 W. Bankhead Hwy, Villa Rica, GA 30180

(678) 840-1211 | [email protected]

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