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Re-Zoning Request Outcome for 2107 Bowdon Road (Maple Street)

Possible Construction On This Site Next To Planned City Station

Per City Planner, Lynne S. Miller 

The Planning Commission met on January 12th to consider annexation and rezoning for that property. The property is currently in the county. It is currently zoned R-2 (single family residential — 1 acre minimum) by the county. The owner’s proposal was to annex into the city and rezone to commercial. It is within an unincorporated pocket that has city land around it.

On the corner of Maple Street and W. Lake Drive, the property is currently vacant but maintained by its owner, Connie Nixon. There is a house, store and shed on it, all vacant. The planned City Station student housing development is located to the immediate west, and single family residential properties, for the most part, are to the north, east and south.

The owner inherited this property and wants to sell it. She has no plans to develop it before that.

With 6 of 9 Planning Commission members present (a quorum), the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the City Council annex this property and rezone to C-3 (Neighborhood Commercial).

On February 1st at 6 pm, the City Council will make a decision. The owner and her husband will be present to answer any questions.

(Original Email Text from Lynne)