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Carrollton’s K-Mart Store Closing

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


In another round of closings released by Sears Holdings Corp. on January 21, 2016, the Carrollton, Georgia, store at 620 Bankhead Hwy was listed. The Carrollton Menu confirmed this information with store employees who tell us to be looking out for a closing sale sometime in February or earlier. This particular closure does not come as a surprise. Multiple K-Marts across the country have reported that they too will close. The closures are all part of a plan to reduce expenses and transform the current model, according to several articles online.

The piece of property directly between Lake Carroll Dr. and Martin Dr. is just across the street from the Trinka Davis Veteran’s Village Clinic. This would be a great site for a hotel or some sort of development. In a positive light, there have been many changes along the Bankhead corridor over the past few years to help improve the aesthetics of the area. Tower Plaza and First Tuesday Mall were both renovated along with a new crossing light for the Greenbelt. In the coming years more improvements are slated to be proposed for this stretch of roadway. It is the gateway to our beautiful City of Carrollton. We send best wishes to all of the employees at the Carrollton K-Mart. You’ve stood strong for many years.


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