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Snap Fitness Is New And Improved With Recent Move


Since moving locations and changing ownership, Snap Fitness off Highway 34 in Newnan is refreshed and thriving! The whole gym has gone through a much-needed makeover. Previous customers may remember it as cramped and small, but now with a larger and more open floor plan, it’s spacious and organized! They’ve also added lots of new fitness classes, including a huge catalog of on-demand fitness classes where you can choose the class that’s right for you, and do it at your choice of times and as often as you’d like!


We had the chance to go in and talk to the team at Snap Fitness, and were impressed with the friendliness and attentive service. Unlike the intimidation one can feel when going to a gym, we found the staff and patrons very welcoming.

Snap Fitness is the only gym in Newnan that’s open a full 24/7, all day, every day, no exceptions! They utilize an access card system that allows you to get your workout in whenever, even the dead of night or 3:00 a.m.! Their memberships are clear cut and don’t have any hidden costs:


No Contract Single Membership $34.95/month (No maintenance Fee!)
Single 12 month membership $29.95/month
Joint Monthly $49.95/month
Joint 12 month $39.95/month
Family Monthly $74.95/month
Family 12 Month $64.95/month
(Family is 3-4 Members; add $15 per person over 4 members)
Remember to add pro-rated dues for the remainder of the month!
Starting fees:
Enrollment $49.95
Access Card $10.00 each

For more information, click here! To check out their Facebook, click here!

Snap Fitness
3161-B Highway 34 E, Newnan, GA.
(770) 251-6900
[email protected]