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Asked And Answered: Tree Clearing On Slater Mill Rd @ Fairburn Rd/I-20

Tree Harvesting on Slater Mill Rd.
Tree Harvesting on Slater Mill Rd.

We have had several questions come in the past few weeks about activity going on right around the corner from the Fairburn Rd. interchange at I-20. Land is being cleared on the lot located at Slater Mill Rd. and Shawnee Trail right next to Fairburn Rd. The clearing is visible from I-20. Our first thought was that someone is finally developing the land. We put in a request for information from the city and have our answer. As of right now the land is just being timber harvested, with no development plans. The land has been and is still for sale, and that particular plot of land is outside the city limits. It belongs to the county, which currently has it zoned GC (General Commercial) and HC (Heavy Commercial) with conditions. The plot is also part of the Hwy 92 Village overlay which puts conditions on what is developed there. What it won’t be: subdivision homes, or apartments.

For the next part of the question, “Why clear when nothing is going there”, we offer a two-fold answer. It could be that the landowner needs a bit of extra money and allowed a timber harvesting company to come in and clear while awaiting a buyer. At the same time, it could be the landowner is using that as a way to attract a buyer. If half the work is done for site development, a developer might jump on that more quickly.

So for now we’ll have to wait longer to see if anything decides to locate to this land, but we’ll keep you posted when we see any news or signs of development. Hope that answers some questions.

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