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Reverse Angle Parking Coming to Villa Rica

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


Workers with Charter Communications were busy relocating service line cables on Thursday atop a new utility pole recently installed in front of E T Doyle & Sons at 115 W. Wilson Street in historic downtown Villa Rica. Georgia Power installed the pole in support of a City Council approved plan to make West Wilson Street one-way so as to implement Reverse Angle Parking (RAP). The original utility pole will soon be removed by Georgia Power so as not to obstruct tractor trailer delivery trucks that need to back into the alleyway adjacent to E T Doyle & Sons. The Council has already passed an ordinance mandating the new parking system so as to make the downtown corridor a viable and thriving destination place by making it safer and more walkable. Reverse Angle Parking increases parking availability, is much easier than parallel parking, and has been proven to be safer than backing out into traffic. In the coming weeks, a coordinated effort will occur to further educate the public on the initiative. The street will also be restriped and new signage installed. If the initiative is successful, then Reverse Angle Parking will be implemented in the central downtown business district on Bankhead Highway. To learn more about Reverse Angle Parking, check out this video from Austin, Texas at https://goo.gl/fslBlT


Press Release from The City of Villa Rica