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Collaborative Effort Between Carrollton Police Department and City Schools Leads to Enhanced School Safety


Carrollton, GA – A multi-year collaborative process between Carrollton City Schools and the Carrollton Police Department has resulted in another improvement to school safety on the campus of Carrollton City Schools. This latest improvement specifically involves Carrollton Junior High School and will offer administrators the ability to immediately take control of all access to the school’s exterior entrances.

“We are excited to get to this day,” said Mike Sanders, Assistant Superintendent for Carrollton City Schools. “This is the result of an ongoing, purposeful partnership with Chief Joel Richards and the Carrollton Police Department along with the team at Carroll Emergency Management. We have hosted tabletop meetings, conducted live shooter drills and really work together to identify gaps in our safety protocols and to close these gaps quickly with the best tools possible.”

The school district has installed an emergency lockdown system known as THE SHIELD SYSTEM at Carrollton Junior High School. This system allows administrators to immediately lock every exterior door at the school with the push of a button. The system also contains a feature that, if needed, will place a call to emergency responders.

Sanders added, “We enjoy having people use the Greenbelt and facilities here. Being an open campus does require us to be extra diligent. We frequently and proactively evaluate safety protocols at each school. We have addressed the elementary school and middle school. With this installation, we have added a solid defense mechanism to the junior high. The high school will be upgraded as new buildings come on line.”

The district will conduct employee training on the system on Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. while school is out of session.

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