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Thornton Rd Kroger Slated For Major Remodel

Kroger TR

Kroger seems to be investing in Douglas County and surrounding area stores. In addition to their remodel of the Chapel Hill Road store last year, ongoing reset and case replacement at the Hospital Drive store, and the upgrade to the produce department at the Ridge Road store,  later this year they will upgrade the Thornton Rd location. The plans are still being worked out, but here’s what we know will be in the works so far: case replacements for aging cases throughout the perishable departments, which include new double-sided island cases in the meat department and new cases in the produce department. The plans call for the ceiling above the perishable departments to be raised even with the center store much like the upgrade made to the Hospital Drive and Highway 5 locations several years ago. The entire store will be reset to the new Kroger standards, much like the Hospital Drive location just received. The entire store will be converted to the current decor package used at all new and upgraded stores. We stress that more could be added to the remodel or something might be taken away, depending on what the final plans call for. When we have a start date, we will let you know; and we will stay on top of the progress there.

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