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Fischer Crossing Update


Updated 3:26PM – June 8th

According to public documents a meeting will be held on June 14th at the Coweta County Commissioner’s Meeting Room (2nd Floor) to discuss an amendment to the Zoning Conditions. The zoning modification is for the property on the southwest corner of the intersection where the nursery used to be. (See the drawing at the end of the application by clicking here). The enclosed documents also state that Parkside Development Group is still proposing the combination of 5.1 acres of office space with 60,000 square feet and 5.1 acres of retail space, broken into four lots of 10,000 square feet for Fischer Crossing. An access road is also mentioned which would connect the Circle near the Theatre to Fischer Rd, closer to Sam’s, so that out-parcels could be sold. At this time no one specifically in retail or food has committed to the project, according to Jeremy at Abernathy & Timberlake Investment Group. Also on the most southwestern corner of this property shown above a Wendy’s is currently eyeing some property for a potential restaurant. We will bring you more updates as we get them. To view this particular property view in full detail click here.


Updates : Battery Source is building to the west side of Sam’s and Tidal Wave Car Wash to the eastside of the parking lot. We released these stories a few months ago. Click Here for that story.