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What’s Happening To The Former Wendy’s on Bankhead?


You might have asked the question while driving past the former Wendy’s on Bankhead Highway. Kevin Donegan with RCG Ventures, which handles First Tuesday Center tells us the property is still available for leasing. With that being said, there are no currently pending offers for the former restaurant. RCG Ventures has made several improvements with the shopping center along with a new paint job for the former Wendy’s. You can see our previous stories about the rebranding of First Tuesday Mall to First Tuesday Center below. Also we would like to share the current leasing brochure from RCG Ventures.

If interested in leasing the former Wendy’s, please see the contact information in the brochure. We are so glad that RCG Ventures is working closely with us to help find the perfect businesses for this location (First Tuesday Center)!

First Tuesday Center Leasing Brochure – Click Here

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