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Villa Rica Receives 2016 Lego Award from Tanner Medical Center


The City of Villa Rica on Thursday was awarded the 2016 Lego Award by Tanner Medical Center’s “Get Healthy, Live Well” program. Ward 3 Councilwoman Leslie McPherson and City Manager David A. Milliron accepted the award on behalf of the city during the program’s annual Volunteer Recognition Celebration at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton.

The Get Healthy, Live Well Awards were created to recognize community partners and volunteers for outstanding collaboration that has made west Georgia a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

The Lego Award is given to a public or private organization that has made significant infrastructure improvements to improve the health of the community. Here is what the Get Healthy, Live Well staff had to say in honoring the City of Villa Rica:

“Did you know that health can be designed, literally designed from the ground up? Over the past several years, this community has begun to revamp its downtown in a way that promotes active transportation and improves the health of its citizens. With initiatives live reverse diagonal parking on West Wilson and their Renaissance Strategic Visioning and Planning, downtown Villa Rica is becoming an amazing example of how the built design can improve community health. He 2016 Lego Award goes to the City of Villa Rica.”

Thank You, Tanner Medical Center and “Get Healthy, Live Well” team members! We Are VR!

Program Info | http://www.tanner.org/get-healthy-live-well/get-healthy-live-well-home


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