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What’s New, What’s Gone. Arbor Place Summer 2016 Update

It’s been a while since we took a look at Douglasville retail powerhouse Arbor Place Mall. We’ve had a few tips over the last few weeks, and recently went to Arbor Place to take a look at what’s new, what’s gone, and what’s to come.

What’s New: A couple of new stores have have opened since the winter months, and there’s one major addition to one of the anchors at the mall. First up, New York Fashions. This store specializes in men’s wear and formal wear. Located next to Sears on the ground floor, this new store has taken the spot long vacant next to Bladez Barbershop.

On the other side of Payless Shoesource, a new temporary perfume place has taken over where another one formerly was. This one is named Star Fragrances. A little light on the merchandise as of now, but a good alternative to the higher-prices counters at the anchor stores.


Austin 5 has opened as another temporary liquidation store located in the old Victoria’s Secret spot next to Belk. Here we have women’s clothing and accessories up to 70% off. Like Body Central and Go Calendars and Books before it, this store will only last until all the inventory is sold and cleaned up.

The big addition to Arbor Place Mall is Sephora inside JCPenney. The major makeup retailer has set up shop inside the anchor store as shoppers have found at most new JCPenney’s over the last few years. It also brings a highly sought-after retail presence in the mall without taking up a separate space.

What’s To Come: A big move is in the works at the mall to expand one retailer, condense another, and move a third one. The three retailers involved include Rue21, New Square, and Perfumania. Rue 21 has closed its former location and will be moving to the former site of New Square. This change will allow Rue 21 to build a bigger store in a higher traffic area and add more selection and accessories. New Square has relocated temporarily into the spot next to Dillard’s and Books A Million! to facilitate the move.


Also needed for this move is the current Perfumania spot next to New Square, so Perfumania will move across the hall to the former jewelers adjacent to Great American Cookie.  When these changes are complete, Rue 21 will take over that entire corner spot. Once Rue 21 opens their new store and Perfumania opens theirs, New Square will move upstairs to Rue 21’s old spot next to Regal. These big shifts will mean newer and better stores for all three retailers.


Downstairs the former Motherhood Maternity space will house a new Sprint store. Construction is under way; and with the completion of this new location, all three of the big cell carriers will have stores, not just kiosks, inside Arbor Place.


After the big transition and opening of the new stores, Arbor Place will have only three empty spots–excluding the two temporary stores–for any more potential retailers. The old Bijuju spot still awaits a major retailer, as does the temporary spot next to Belk. Two other, smaller spaces and the temporary small spot are available as well. We’ll keep our eye on the mall for you and let you know any potential additions or closings over the remaining summer months. We’ll have another look at Arbor Place this fall before the big holiday shopping season begins.


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