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The Historic Water Towers of Carrollton

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

People do not need to travel far in the City of Dreams to find a monumental water tower looking over them. Travel along Bankhead Highway on a morning commute to Martin’s for a biscuit. Drive down Maple Street in front of The Mansion, or over the South Street bridge heading toward 302. You can then travel along back campus on West Georgia Drive and find yourself looking up at one of these titanic towers. If you really want a special view, drive to the top of the parking deck on the corner of Alabama Street and Barnes Avenue and park your car facing west. You’ll be able to see two of the three towers from here. Pair that with a setting sun, and you’ll have one of the best views of Carrollton.

These water towers are not only landmarks in our historic city, but they have served our community decade after decade. The water pressure coming through the sink faucets and shower heads is made possible by the aid the water towers provide. The water tower on Maple Street is the oldest of the three. Constructed in 1948, this tower was originally located on Bankhead Highway. Unlike the other two water towers which were welded together at the seams, the 1948 one was built using a rivet-styled construction. The current Bankhead water tower was constructed in 1991. This tower took the place of the original 1948 one when it was moved to its current location. In 1996, the water tower located on the University of West Georgia campus claimed its place among the historic giants.

Next time you are driving through town or winding down an evening on Adamson Square, take a moment to look up and see a piece of Carrollton history.