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Special Reception: The Art of Business Exhibit


Join us as we explore the unheralded role of the arts in daily business life through the month of August.

Often unappreciated, artistic concepts and outlooks are pivotal in every aspect of daily life. The designing of cars is done by carving clay replicas, wanted suspects are sought by the image created by sketch artists, and fashion design has to first be drawn before it can become a reality; not to be outdone, medical illustrators guide our doctors and even dental mold fabricators start by knowing how to mold clay in order to provide a better smile to its customers. In the technology sphere, the importance of design was brought to the forefront when Steve Jobs insisted on design being a priority in everything from typographical fonts to the shape of the computer unit. Today video game creators continue to rely on design skills – and the list goes on – each of these backgrounds need an artistic sensibility to conduct their business.

The exhibit will feature work in a variety of media and professions – including DeNyse Companies, Fashion Designer Tye Alexandra, Landscape Designer Keith Wilson, Medical Illustrator Joseph Falligan, Miller Architecture and Planning, Perry Family Dentistry, and Sheriff Sketch Artist, Greg Carpenter.

The professionals’artistic work will be on display through renderings, sketches, and some of their completed works. Community members, come view the arts in a different light. Students, come view the range of career choices you perhaps have not previously considered!

Gallery admission, tours, and reception are free. If you’re interested in a special gallery tour, please call the CAC to schedule a visit – 770.949.2787.

Monday – Friday
9 a.m – 5 p.m.


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