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Wrapped In Angels Wings – Bringing Love and Support to the Community

A small group of loving, courageous, and welcoming volunteers have made an immense impact in our communities. For almost two years now, they have extended a loving gesture to those suffering the loss of their newborn babies that did not make it home from the hospital. The unimaginable loss for families eager to welcome their newborns into the world with open arms can not be predicted. It can not be understood. However, the volunteers at Wrapped In Angels Wings aim to make this dire time a little less difficult for the suffering family by providing a one-of-a-kind outfit for the newborn’s burial, as well as proving a Memory Box for the family.

The outfits made for the newborns are created from donated wedding gowns and formal dresses. The volunteers want to ensure that the family will have a beautiful and elegant outfit for their newborn. Wrapped In Angels Wings has six seamstresses working to make each outfit as unique as the newborn who will wear it. The white wedding gown’s symbolism of purity envelopes both the newborn’s life and memory.

The Memory Box, a recent addition by to the work of Wrapped In Angels Wings, is a special keepsake for the family to have to remember the life of their newborn throughout the years. Within the box the family will find a handmade stuffed animal, a self-laminating wallet-sized card, a glass ornament, and a reflection journal. The stuffed animals are also made by the seamstresses of Wrapped In Angels Wings and are made to give the families a tangible memento to hold onto after their loss. The self-laminating wallet card is provided for the fathers to have a keepsake of their newborn’s foot prints. The keepsake glass ornament is one that can be displayed at Christmas time or year round; either way, it is there to keep the memory of the newborn present. In the reflection journal the family can write special memories or display keepsakes such as the newborn’s hospital identification bracelet.

Wrapped In Angels Wings volunteers have provided their services to Tanner Medical Center of Carrollton, Tanner Medical Center of Villa Rica, and Piedmont of Newnan.

Throughout the month of August the West Georgia Regional Library will showcase a Wrapped In Angels Wings display in the Cultural Arts Room. Their second showcase held in the Cultural Arts room, the group’s exhibit this year will include the addition of an In Memory display where families are invited to take a butterfly and write on it the name of a loved one who left too soon. At the showcase there are examples of the outfits and stuffed animals made by Wrapped In Angels Wings, along with examples of the Memory Box and its contents.

Because the group is composed of volunteers, funding and supplies for their services have been provided exclusively through donations. All donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated. The donation locations specifically for Wrapped In Angels Wings are at The Scrap Bin, 1111 Bankhead Highway, and Southland Insurance, 109 Corporate Drive, both in Carrollton.

For a full list of donotable items as well as additional information, please email [email protected] or contact Suzanne Phillips at [email protected]


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Wesley is an intern at The City Menus, LLC. He is studying English as well as Business Administration at the University of West Georgia. He calls Carrollton home and has enjoyed seeing the positive growth of the community in the City of Dreams.