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Coweta County SAT Scores Top National Averages Again in 2016

2016 SAT Chart CCSS

&nbspThe Coweta County School System’s average score on the SAT rose to 1497 in 2016, placing the system 13 points above the national average and 38 points above the state average on the college entrance exam.

As the average SAT score rose among Coweta School System test-takers in 2016, national SAT averages decreased by 6 points, to 1484. Georgia’s average SAT score rose 9 points to 1459 during the year.

2016 was the second year that Coweta County School System student’s SAT averages were higher than the national average on the exam.

Coweta students outscored state and national averages for the ACT college entrance exam in 2016 as well, also for the second year in a row.

The average 2016 SAT scores, by section, for the Coweta County School System, the state of Georgia and the nation were (with 2015 averages also):

Coweta County SAT 2016       2015

Critical Reading          512          512

Math                                499         496

Writing                           486        488

Coweta Total:                1497      1496


Georgia SAT                  2016     2015

Critical Reading           493          490

Math                                   490         485

Writing                            476          475

Georgia Total:              1459         1450


National SAT                 2016     2015

Critical Reading            494         495

Math                                  508         511

Writing                            482          484

National Total:             1484         1490

Coweta placed 20th on its average SAT score, out of 163 Georgia school districts reported in 2016. That places the school system in the top 12% of school systems state-wide. SAT averages for school systems or schools with 15 or fewer test-takers were not reported by the Georgia Department of Education (link).

Individually, East Coweta, Newnan and Northgate High Schools also ranked well. Out of 384 high schools reported, East Coweta High ranked 74th (top 19% of Georgia high schools), Newnan High ranked 112th (top 29%) and Northgate High ranked 51st (top 13%).

The 2016 SAT averages for Coweta’s three high school were:

2016 SAT          Verbal Math Writing Total

East Coweta High 507      496        492        1495

Newnan High        500      483        473         1456

Northgate High     528       514        489          1531

While this year’s SAT averages were reported in the format used by the SAT for several years (with three sections, and a total maximum score of 2400), the College Board is changing the tests format.

Some students in Georgia’s class of 2016 took the redesigned SAT, which scores students in evidence-based reading and writing (ERW) and math. College Board did not report school or district results to the state for the new version of the SAT due to the small number of students who participated in that version of the exam.

“In a year that the SAT is changing to a new format, I am encouraged to see that our students are performing above the state and national averages,’ said Superintendent Steve Barker. “Our school system’s emphasis on providing advanced opportunities for all students helps prepare them for rigorous coursework throughout their academic careers.”

“I am proud of our students and our teachers, in our elementary, middle and high schools, for their hard work,” said Barker.

Northgate High School Principal Bill Harrison said that schools’ emphasis on providing challenging and advanced-level opportunities to students contributes to strong SAT performance.

“At Northgate, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to achieve at high levels through multiple programs,” including advanced placement courses, dual-enrollment, and other advanced-level classes, said Harrison. “I think we are now beginning to see the results of our county’s commitment to these college and career ready initiatives,.”

Georgia students increased their scores on every section of the traditional SAT in 2016, as reported in the data above (with Critical Reading, Math and Writing sections on the exam, each with a maximum of 800 points).

Overall, Georgia students recorded a mean total score of 976 on the new SAT, outperforming the national mean of 972. Those results placed Georgia students 36th in the nation.



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