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Brighter Future On The Horizon For Carrollton’s Highway 27 Pizza Hut


In March of 2016, The Carrollton Menu received numerous tips in regards to a possible move for the Highway 27 Pizza Hut location. On Thursday, September 29th that tip has turned 100% true! A statement from Pizza Hut was sent directly to us so that our followers can have an idea of what to expect! Dermo Realty has been a huge help in providing us updates along the way, it is our pleasure to release them to you!

Statement from Hwy 27 Pizza Hut – “We are excited to bring a brand new Pizza Hut experience to Carrollton. The majority of our business has moved to delivery and carryout so we designed a new location to make that experience as great as possible. The store should open late November and we cannot wait to continue to serve our restaurant-quality pizzas to the Carrollton community in a brand new facility.”

Pizza Hut will relocate across the street to Park Plaza South at 928 South Park Street. The restaurant will take the endcap of Park Plaza South and extend the back portion of the space. Our partner of The Carrollton Menu, Boylife Clothing Shop is the closest shop to the new Pizza Hut! Plans to renovate the shopping center are also in the works. Dermo Realty tells The Carrollton Menu that Painting should begin. Our partner of The Carrollton Menu, West Georgia Technology will undergo renovations in the same shopping plaza. Keep watching for more updates!


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