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Closings, Moves, And More In Downtown Newnan


Grannie is retiring! Currently a sign reads outside the storefront of Grannie Fannie’s 40% off everything. The retirement sale according to Grannie Fannie’s Facebook page started around September 21st. Her store is located at 15 Greenville Street in Downtown Newnan. Our sources tell The Newnan Menu a new store will move into Grannie Fannie’s space once Grannie has officially moved out. Enjoy your retirement!


Newnan Tactical is closing in Downtown Newnan with a 50% off Sale happening right now. They are located at 11 Greenville Street. Per a Facebook update, they decided to close their brick and mortar store. Newnan Tactical & Military Surplus will still take orders from home. Keep watching for details about their museum.


Kendra’s moving sale continues! The buildout for their new location has begun in the former Ken’s Bargain Outlet space. Keep watching Kendra’s Facebook for more details.


The former space of Vinyl Chatter / Scotts Bookstore appears to have been rented. Once we can confirm a number of news tips we will bring that full story to you.

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