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It’s Gone…Butler’s Mill Will Be Remembered by All, Including Me

By Jonathan Dockery
By Jonathan Dockery


Written by, in his own words, Jonathan Dockery: Creator of The Carrollton Menu

As a teenager, the whole family would make a 30 minute drive from Oak Grove to a place called Graham, Alabama. Each trip was something special. The road leading to this most interesting place needed some repairs badly. However, we overlooked that aspect and gingerly watched cars coming from the other direction almost sideswipe our Family Ford Escape.

Upon cresting the hill, a mill was spotted. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and explore this unique place. Quickly I’d dash out of the car while the rest of the family waited in the long line to get a table. I had plenty of time! I loved going upstairs in the old mill part and looking down at the river below. Wasn’t supposed to go up there, but I did anyway. My brother would finally locate me and yell at me to come inside to eat. Guess the table was ready.

We never really had a chance for family discussions because the entire restaurant was one huge church family from West Georgia! Our conversations were always interrupted by good company.

It was simple at Butler’s Mill. Zero cell service and lots of community time! Plate after plate and finally we stumbled out of the place, I believe our family usually spent 2+ hours in that beautiful place. It’s been awhile since we’ve been back, but the memories are always right there in my mind.

I will never forget Butler’s Mill.


Special thanks to the firefighters and first responders of Randolph County, Alabama who worked the fire. We talked to the Newell Fire Department and dropped off many bottles of water for their team & others there.

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