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Coweta County Drought Conditions

Don’t burn and get ready for water restrictions!

It is very dry in Coweta County. On a drought index scale of 0 to 800 we are currently at 680. Forecasts are calling for a slim chance of rain at best over the next 16 days.

While a burn ban has not been instituted in Coweta, everyone is being asked not to burn. Georgia Forestry is not issuing burn permits until our area sees significant rain. This is a temporary restriction due to the drought and fire danger conditions. According to Terry Quigley, Chief Ranger 3 with the Georgia Forestry Commission office on Corinth Road, the best thing is for no one to burn period. Under the current status, if someone does burn and Forestry has to suppress a fire that gets out of hand, you will receive a violation and you will have to cover the suppression costs. No exceptions.

Looking at the U.S. drought monitor, the majority of Coweta is currently in an Extreme Drought. A small portion of southeast Coweta is under and Exceptional Drought. (See Drought Monitor graphic above.)

According to the National Weather Service, a La Niña weather pattern is causing drier than normal conditions and there is an 80% chance this pattern will continue through the winter. Coupled with cooler temperatures moving in, people need to be extremely cautious. Because of the extreme dryness of leaves, limbs and brush, any fire, including the popular fire pits and even charcoal grills, could cause a major problem. Outdoor burning of any kind is strongly discouraged.

In another impact caused by the drought conditions, the state has announced that it is implementing Level Two water restrictions, which means Coweta County residents will be limited to two days of outdoor water weekly starting next week.

People with even-numbered addresses will be able to water outdoors on Mondays and Wednesdays, while people with odd addresses will be able to water on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be no outdoor watering allowed on Friday and weekends.


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