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Atlas Personal Fitness offers unique training experience


With the holidays in full swing, and the New Year fast approaching, many people are adding a better body to their wish-list. Shawn Snyder, owner of Atlas Personal Fitness, offers a few fitness tips for those looking to shape up after packing on the pounds this winter.

“Getting the results you’re looking for really depends on focusing on each person’s needs,” said Shawn. “I’ve helped people shed pounds, and I’ve also helped guys pack on muscle. I always take the time to find out exactly what my clients need in order to achieve the results they’re looking to see.”

Shawn, a certified National Strength and Conditioning Association personal trainer, opened Atlas Personal Training in January of 2016. He says the key to meeting his clients’ needs is tailoring each training session and nutrition plan to each individual.

“My approach is to work with clients one-on-one in our fitness studio, but I also work with small groups,” said Shawn. “I do everything in a small, personal environment that really helps people get the most out of their training sessions. Having a closed environment like this increases your focus on training instead of being distracted with things you might encounter at a large gym with a lot of people working out.”

Atlas’ personalized training atmosphere also provides a comfortable setting for anyone new to fitness, as well as those looking for privacy during training sessions.

“A lot of ladies also like to train in this kind of setting because they might be a little self-conscious,” said Shawn.” Here, they don’t have to worry about guys staring at them as the workout. It’s also really helpful in helping newcomers get started because you don’t have to go through the process of learning your way around a large gym while you’re trying to get in shape.”

Shawn’s weight training focuses on the use of free-weight exercises as opposed to the use of machines.

“Free weight training is much more beneficial than using machines because it activates a lot more of your muscles,” said Shawn. “A lot of women don’t usually use free-weights because they think it’s only for guys, but girls actually get better results in most cases because they’ve never used free-weights.”

Group sessions have become increasingly popular, according to Shawn. He noted that the training dynamic is enhanced when individuals are involved in a group session.

“Working out in a group is a great way to get the most out of your workout,” said Shawn. “It also makes working out as fun as it can be because everyone draws off each other’s intensity, which helps motivate every person in the group.”

“I have groups of guys come in here and we will pump up the music and really get a great workout,” said Shawn.
Many of Shawn’s clients can attest to his ability to help yield lasting results and establish a healthy training routine.

“[Shawn] is really amazing for being as young as he is,” said Taylor Buice. “I’m surprised at how much he knows and he helps explain it in a way that someone who has never worked out can easily understand. I’ve never felt as healthy or strong—and that’s something I’ve always wanted.”

Buice weighed 215 pounds when he started training at Atlas, but now tips the scales at a healthy 175 pounds. He said Shawn’s expertise helped him gain the confidence to return to his passion, performing in musical theater.

“I got a degree in musical theatre, and moved to New York, where I worked for a few years,” said Buice. “I came back to Carrollton and started working for my dad’s law firm. Over the past few years, I really got out of shape and gained too much weight. I’ve been training with Shawn for eight months. Today, I did my first audition in four years. It was really good to get back into it.”

“Plus, his prices are unbelievable. His monthly price is $240, which equals out to a little more than $12 per training session. Most personal trainers are going to charge anywhere from $50 to $100. Shawn really helped me get in shape, which has helped me regain my self-confidence and live a healthy life.”

Atlas Personal Fitness is currently accepting new clients.

“We’re open to individuals or small groups,” said Shawn. “We know that everyone is looking to start a new year’s resolution, but why not go ahead and get a head-start? Better health is a great gift for the holidays.”

Atlas Personal Fitness is located at 106 Adamson Square in Downtown Carrollton in the corner between Samba Loca Brazilian Steakhouse and Pita Pit.

No sign-up fees, contracts or long-term commitments are required.

Membership is $240 per month, which includes 3 training sessions per week. Each training session is one and a half hours. Atlas Personal Fitness also has student rates available.

Visit the Atlas Personal Fitness Facebook page for more details. Contact Shawn at 678-326-9975 or email [email protected].


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