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EMS Service of the Year Award

From presentation at Coweta County Fair Grounds and Conference Center Tuesday, January 17, 2017
(Left to Right) Dr. Van Baker (Medical Director for CCFR), Scott Harmon (Operations Section Chief), Mitch Coggin (Business Section Chief), Keith Wages (Director of Office of EMS and Trauma, Jeff Denney (Planning Section Chief), Brad Johnson (Chairman, Region 4 Council/Deputy Chief of Henry County Fire Department), Pat Wilson (Fire Chief).

Coweta County Fire/Rescue (CCFR) has been named EMS Service of the Year by Region 4 EMS.

The award exemplifies outstanding professionalism on the local, regional and state levels as well as service to the community.

“Outstanding professionalism and service” being defined as “going far above and beyond the call of duty, whether in the direct delivery of patient care or in programs offered to the community that enhance the standing of EMS and/or the education of the public.”

CCFR Chief Pat Wilson reacted to CCFR being named EMS Service of the Year by saying “this is a very prestigious award and we are humbled in receiving this great honor.”

The award was presented at the Region 4 EMS Awards Banquet held at the Coweta County Fair Grounds and Conference Center on January 17, 2017.

EMS team at CCFR Station #1 display the EMS service of the year award
(Left to Right) Damien Sorrells (FF/EMT), Taylor Robinson(FF/EMT), Josh Thomas(FF/Paramedic), Brett Osting (FF/EMT), Brett Griffies FF/EMT, Kevin Brooking (FF/EMT)
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